2 Kasım 2012 Cuma

Look for, search for... end up looking for posters

After doing the creative homework my capacity of thinking surely improved (what kind of sentence is that :D?) Anyway, finally i came up with a logo (an idea lets say) and i will post it to you in a day or two. Meanwhile I started to look for, search for websites if i can improve myself more ( ofcourse because it is just the beginning). Anyway, this morning i woke u and start to look up for images. To create a great logo, or any great idea, from now on i dont think that you should only look for good logos or bad logos. To create something you have to look images and make connections, and they should not be like 'hey there is a obvious connection', you should make people think, tickle a little.

A good new: Second unrelated image homework is on its way! So there is going to be lot of fun again, and i found that homework very fruitful.

I always have interest for posters, their progress of creation, typeface selection, image selection and the image they are going to have. So while i was on acemicaylak  i ended up looking for them :).

That one reminds me my smoker friends thats saying all the time 'okay i know it is not right but i am so sick of people keep reminding me it is bad, you should quit, while i am smoking we both know that i am not going to quit right?' I like in this one there is a contrast, with smoke it says its not right. Normally maybe it should look 'serious' but i found this one funny instead of critical.

It visually catch my eye but for saying jazz using the instrument is boring for me.

I always in love with funny creatures. They look like a family and every one of them is funny.

This one is much more better than the other one. The colors look wonderful and the use of 'm' word as a instrument is clever, and looks perfect as a whole.

I always love drawings, illustrations on posters and that looks perfect. The colors catched me when i look and i also like the placement of writings and placement of the drawing.

That one is strange for me because normally i am not a big fan of showing obvious geometric shapes in posters but when i look at this one it makes me stop and read. It looks like there is a crowd on the poster but not at the same time. I like the colors on the poster but hanging a tree i am not sure that this is the best idea.

I found this one really bad. I did not like it at all. I always love the relationship between black and white but seriously should it have to be like that? I think the designer of this blog just did this in five minutes and go out for a drink. 

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