13 Kasım 2012 Salı

visual identity!

Hello all, Last week we ended up doing our logos, i will put mine later on. Now we are making how our company will look (its logo, telephone, adress etc) on a letter and its envelope. But to create something, i know that i have to look up first. For that i started to reach for some good visual identities, maybe they can ring my bells.
i really like the logo first of all but i wonder how it will look life if the headpohne started from m's serif

very simple and beautiful. i love the colors. wonder how mine is going to look when it has colours

i love when it has some typographic stuff in it. here there is just like a square we see it.

good combination. i wish that there is more photos but thats all i can found.

 i love the colors and the idea. i think it is better than the first one because it is more attractive in visual terms. 

very colorful and funny i think. did they use so many lines for paper? im not sure.

The progress of creation of the logo

I love the usbs. Rather than putting logo directly they just put the colors on usbs.

It looks very very clean. I am not sure we are going to use backside of the envelope or not. 

Great idea they look perfect together

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