1 Ağustos 2013 Perşembe

Whats up?

Hello all!

Its been a while, i am little ashamed that i did not pay much attention to this blog but let me tell you about whats going on first. My internship started on June, and it goes pretty well. I learned a lot, but going to work every week made me forget all about my blog.

Anyway, this blog is not going to be just VA 301/ 302 blog anymore, i am going to write more, and well.. i am of course going to change the look of the website ( :) ). If you want to check my final works that i studied for whole semester you can visit from here.

There are certain things that i understood with the flow of this internship. We have to look for more, think more, combine things in our heads, I mean i must confess in the beginning of this whole studies, i was thinking that school is enough, there is nothing that i look for more, they can teach me everything etc.. But after seeing whats going on in the industry, i understand that if a person wants to be a designer she/he has to search, improve herself/himself every DAY... There are so many beautiful platforms that you can look and learn more, I mean nobody is going to sit in front of you and make you learn that photoshop, illustrator or whatever, i had to say that (its a classic but) my teachers were right :). There are billions of workshops, videos, pictures that can help a designer to learn.. I think anyone can be a designer, if they know how to use the tools and combine things, of course it is also about taste but thats the 10% of the job. :)

Now go and watch a tutorial :)

23 Mayıs 2013 Perşembe

History of Typography

The world of nicki jr

these animations are for nick jr which i found so funny and beautiful because sometimes i really want to focus on this area of design. That makes me love it even more. And even the moon itself is a character as well, nice touch. 

8 Mayıs 2013 Çarşamba

use art for a good reason

So as i was looking around i found a photographer called Michael (cant find his last name) gave up his successful job as a photographer and create Kambucha Dog. I really like how he combined the things that he loves and  for example when i buy a beer also i have an opportunity to save a dog and open a home for it.