26 Aralık 2012 Çarşamba

Age of Technology

About a month ago, we had a discussion about when and how inspiration come and how can we let it stay with us. Our instructor was talking about one of the lecturers idea about this opinion and  i absolutely agree: the inspiration and creativity is exactly dissapering with the iphones, mini cell phones, this phone that phone and every technologic thing that we have. Of course technology is a wonderful thing and when it is in 'good' hands we have some great opportunity to do great stuff. Actually after this weeks discussion Elif Hoca's friend came to our class and share with us her past job and we saw how technology can change people life, not only for disabled people but maybe for us when we get old.

The artwork that i love on behance is exactly on this subject, some drawings, which i found very related with what i am talking and thinking right now and want to share with you. These are the drawings by CF Payne. Hope we all think what the artist want to tell us about :).

So shut down your cellphones and start to think about next weeks' assignment :)

18 Aralık 2012 Salı


I have reaaaaaly hard time while i am trying to 'design' (!) my folder and i really feel like i screwed up while i designed both my folder and my color choosing. This week (if i can get an aproovement) i am going to upload my last final logo, letterhead, envelope and folder. (hope so)

So i am looking for folders... (sadly, desperately) and hoping to find something to ring my bells...
WAITING FOR SOME INSPIRATION. Kidding. I dont believe that inspiration comes to people like 'da-ra'. You have to search first. So thats what i did this week. ( still dont have anything though...:()

Crazy ipragaz commercial


This one is an old one. But these days we talk about strange connections, so that i am going to let you watch a crazy commercial, ipragaz.
He is very turkish, maço and lovely, and he is in a commercial :). Dont know why but it made my day today.

10 Aralık 2012 Pazartesi

The Fat Fat Club

Strange connections are very lovely. I dont know why but the first time i saw it i immediately cant stop myself by loving it. Anyways, this is a visual essay by Aude Debout & Caroline Lollo on the materiality of the book as a system. So when the viewer saw this image, he/she starts directly making connections between them, i think this is a great project and beautiful exercise for all of them. Also last week in Murat Hoca's course while i was looking photos published on books (photo-books) i had a problem of their layouts in the middle. I think in this project this layout looks perfect too.

3 Aralık 2012 Pazartesi

Requiem for a letterhead !

As i was looking up for a book called 'the big book & new design ideas' which was edited by David E. Carter, a headline cathed me directly 'letterheads'. Normally i look projects from websites like behance, and i like them without even questioning the system, how the postman can post te adress, how it is more effective when its in consumers' hands. So i looked at this letterheads and start to critisize them just like in class, because even it is in behance, there are some designers who design for their own pleasures and do not care about other issues. So here are some letterheads and my comparements, comments etc..

                       Do we need this black area? And green area? It looks weird and too much for me.

Too much information and everything is so big. How are we going to write down the letter?

Again, where is the place suppose to be write the letter, and why the logo is so big?

For me there is too much about logo, i can say 'ok' about replacement but less is more and for this one everything is too much.

Its always fine to add your letterhead some kind of abstarct reminders, just like green shapes all around. But i think is too much. Maybe not all over the 4 places but 2 or even maybe placed in 1 place is fine.

Why logo is that much big? And putting the same thing behind, its sooo boring.

                  I think its the 'best' in all of them. But still, its the best of the bad ones. Its boring , but with linings and giving information is okay.


why that much thick line? ...

Not that i know 'TOO MUCH', but when i look at them it bothers me and i want to share it with you. You can leave comments if you would like to and we can discuss.

This is the book if you wonder and want to check out ;)

20 Kasım 2012 Salı

design issues & colours !

Okay, as i mentioned before i started to design envelope and letterhead. But its hard to do for me in the beggining, because you have to think about your customers use of file, how they are going to look and you have to also make them to realize it is your company when they looked.
Last week, we had a feedback from our assistant Doruk and i developped my designs in that way, but this week also we have to think about colours. Thus i started to look up for brand identities (as always..) Now i am going to share some brand identites and maybe they can help me about color election too.

In the beggining Elif Hoca told us that if something good looks in black and white its looks good in any colours. I think this is a grat example for that. I really like the typeface they choose and their bag for cups. For this moment i dont need this but there is no harm to look at them.

This can be a good idea about coloring the logo.

This one i found very simple and visually atractive to my eye. But the thing i hate about visual identity post, they make some 'artistic' photos for their identities and it makes harder to understand what is going on. I wish they had just 'normal' photos of their identities. 

I like their envelope, and they have normal photos so that i can understand whats going on. Especially im having hard time to design envelope, maybe colour can be helpful to design it...

final logo

Hello. As we go further, to create a beautiful design for our letterheads and envelope. Thus i have to look and search and think about my own.

Reaching the final version of my logo was hard for me. Because i changed my idendity in first week, i started with giderayak and i found out that my relationship with giderayak was not going to be so long because i was not having fun while im doing it. So  i changed my mind and i started to work with alicengiz which is a game design company.

Ofcourse there were lots of more sketches and drafts but i am uploading the one i choose and go with and how i change it.