20 Kasım 2012 Salı

design issues & colours !

Okay, as i mentioned before i started to design envelope and letterhead. But its hard to do for me in the beggining, because you have to think about your customers use of file, how they are going to look and you have to also make them to realize it is your company when they looked.
Last week, we had a feedback from our assistant Doruk and i developped my designs in that way, but this week also we have to think about colours. Thus i started to look up for brand identities (as always..) Now i am going to share some brand identites and maybe they can help me about color election too.

In the beggining Elif Hoca told us that if something good looks in black and white its looks good in any colours. I think this is a grat example for that. I really like the typeface they choose and their bag for cups. For this moment i dont need this but there is no harm to look at them.

This can be a good idea about coloring the logo.

This one i found very simple and visually atractive to my eye. But the thing i hate about visual identity post, they make some 'artistic' photos for their identities and it makes harder to understand what is going on. I wish they had just 'normal' photos of their identities. 

I like their envelope, and they have normal photos so that i can understand whats going on. Especially im having hard time to design envelope, maybe colour can be helpful to design it...

final logo

Hello. As we go further, to create a beautiful design for our letterheads and envelope. Thus i have to look and search and think about my own.

Reaching the final version of my logo was hard for me. Because i changed my idendity in first week, i started with giderayak and i found out that my relationship with giderayak was not going to be so long because i was not having fun while im doing it. So  i changed my mind and i started to work with alicengiz which is a game design company.

Ofcourse there were lots of more sketches and drafts but i am uploading the one i choose and go with and how i change it.

13 Kasım 2012 Salı

visual identity!

Hello all, Last week we ended up doing our logos, i will put mine later on. Now we are making how our company will look (its logo, telephone, adress etc) on a letter and its envelope. But to create something, i know that i have to look up first. For that i started to reach for some good visual identities, maybe they can ring my bells.
i really like the logo first of all but i wonder how it will look life if the headpohne started from m's serif

very simple and beautiful. i love the colors. wonder how mine is going to look when it has colours

i love when it has some typographic stuff in it. here there is just like a square we see it.

good combination. i wish that there is more photos but thats all i can found.

 i love the colors and the idea. i think it is better than the first one because it is more attractive in visual terms. 

very colorful and funny i think. did they use so many lines for paper? im not sure.

The progress of creation of the logo

I love the usbs. Rather than putting logo directly they just put the colors on usbs.

It looks very very clean. I am not sure we are going to use backside of the envelope or not. 

Great idea they look perfect together

6 Kasım 2012 Salı

crazy practice for your right brain vol 2

Hello everyone,

Our instructor Elif Hoca told us to do this crazy funny homework for second time. So i collected from acemicaylak unrelated images and put them in a context.

So here is my unrelated photos

So here is my imaginary company: Eating is fun. Eating cupcake is much more than anything. Our educatiıon system always says that we should have fun while we are learning something. So we offer you to eat cupcakes and learn math, literature, cooking or a book that you want to read but do not want to spend so much time on it. To eat our cupcake you need to be in good hands. So our tasteful and pragmatic cupcakes are prepared by Mr Finger, so you are in good 'hands'. Mr Finger is the only person who knows the secret formula of cupcakes and he and his team 9 other fingers create formulas you want to know. If you are a male you are going to have a mustache and it shows how much information you learned from us. Nobody can say to you 'sakalım yok ki lafım dinlensin' (i dont have a mustache which shows much knowledge) because you are going to have. If you are female with our little happy hatty friends are going to build the best suitable hat for you, as our present. Everybodys going to hats off to you !