6 Kasım 2012 Salı

crazy practice for your right brain vol 2

Hello everyone,

Our instructor Elif Hoca told us to do this crazy funny homework for second time. So i collected from acemicaylak unrelated images and put them in a context.

So here is my unrelated photos

So here is my imaginary company: Eating is fun. Eating cupcake is much more than anything. Our educatiıon system always says that we should have fun while we are learning something. So we offer you to eat cupcakes and learn math, literature, cooking or a book that you want to read but do not want to spend so much time on it. To eat our cupcake you need to be in good hands. So our tasteful and pragmatic cupcakes are prepared by Mr Finger, so you are in good 'hands'. Mr Finger is the only person who knows the secret formula of cupcakes and he and his team 9 other fingers create formulas you want to know. If you are a male you are going to have a mustache and it shows how much information you learned from us. Nobody can say to you 'sakalım yok ki lafım dinlensin' (i dont have a mustache which shows much knowledge) because you are going to have. If you are female with our little happy hatty friends are going to build the best suitable hat for you, as our present. Everybodys going to hats off to you !

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