1 Ağustos 2013 Perşembe

Whats up?

Hello all!

Its been a while, i am little ashamed that i did not pay much attention to this blog but let me tell you about whats going on first. My internship started on June, and it goes pretty well. I learned a lot, but going to work every week made me forget all about my blog.

Anyway, this blog is not going to be just VA 301/ 302 blog anymore, i am going to write more, and well.. i am of course going to change the look of the website ( :) ). If you want to check my final works that i studied for whole semester you can visit from here.

There are certain things that i understood with the flow of this internship. We have to look for more, think more, combine things in our heads, I mean i must confess in the beginning of this whole studies, i was thinking that school is enough, there is nothing that i look for more, they can teach me everything etc.. But after seeing whats going on in the industry, i understand that if a person wants to be a designer she/he has to search, improve herself/himself every DAY... There are so many beautiful platforms that you can look and learn more, I mean nobody is going to sit in front of you and make you learn that photoshop, illustrator or whatever, i had to say that (its a classic but) my teachers were right :). There are billions of workshops, videos, pictures that can help a designer to learn.. I think anyone can be a designer, if they know how to use the tools and combine things, of course it is also about taste but thats the 10% of the job. :)

Now go and watch a tutorial :)

23 Mayıs 2013 Perşembe

History of Typography

The world of nicki jr

these animations are for nick jr which i found so funny and beautiful because sometimes i really want to focus on this area of design. That makes me love it even more. And even the moon itself is a character as well, nice touch. 

8 Mayıs 2013 Çarşamba

use art for a good reason

So as i was looking around i found a photographer called Michael (cant find his last name) gave up his successful job as a photographer and create Kambucha Dog. I really like how he combined the things that he loves and  for example when i buy a beer also i have an opportunity to save a dog and open a home for it.

26 Mart 2013 Salı

Modern Jesus

This work, i found belong to an artist from Brazil, Diego Rial. I really enjoyed how he created the character Jesus with pants. This is hilarious! Look at the tweet bird :).

16 Mart 2013 Cumartesi

i like colorful stuff

poor leno 

This one looks like MTV'S latest logos features.

Here are some of the colorful works from Russia, the artist is zutto on behance. Dont know why, i really like colorful stuff rather than black and white.

3 Mart 2013 Pazar

amazing illustrator Steve Simpson


Sometimes we look some projects on behance and we really appreciate them. Couple of weeks ago, as i was looking around, i found him, Steve Simpson from Ireland, and i must say, I JUST ADORE HIS WORKS ! I sent him a message about sharing his works and add his website (of course) and he said yes (so thanks again)

In my figure drawing course, i always on the side of drawing things that very close to cartoon, i always draw the standing model as a cartoon caracter, my instructor Mr Zaremba told me to not to give up and continue to work like that. So i asked Steve Simpson about how did he do this illustrations, and he answered me as everything is by hand firstly, he draw with his hands, transfer it to computer and later work on photoshop. Amazing isnt it? Let me show you some works of him.

even little details... 

you can find more on his website. He also designed children book as well :). Maybe one day.... :) 

Whats going on?


It is crazy - it was like yesterday i started to posting on this blog and half of a year has passed... In second semester, we started to do Car design for our company, Alicengiz, and after that we are going to create an area where we are going to have stands, people will come and ask questions, know our company.. In a few days i am going to upload my sketches, Elif Hoca is going to help us about what should we do or not.. So we will see. This week i am focusing on car, and i will post this as well, it is going to be colorful i can say ;)

8 Ocak 2013 Salı

calendar draft

hello all,

i am going to post my calendar draft for my alicengiz. waiting for your comments :) i wanted to use childhood games in my calendar so i picked up photos that reminds you old times.

1 Ocak 2013 Salı


Hello everyone

I noticed that i havent share what is going on with ALİCENGİZ, my game design company.

So here is my final logo and my letterhead

my envelope and business card

outside of my folder 

                                                             and inside

After tomorrow i am going to post my card for my continuous costumers ;)