3 Mart 2013 Pazar

amazing illustrator Steve Simpson


Sometimes we look some projects on behance and we really appreciate them. Couple of weeks ago, as i was looking around, i found him, Steve Simpson from Ireland, and i must say, I JUST ADORE HIS WORKS ! I sent him a message about sharing his works and add his website (of course) and he said yes (so thanks again)

In my figure drawing course, i always on the side of drawing things that very close to cartoon, i always draw the standing model as a cartoon caracter, my instructor Mr Zaremba told me to not to give up and continue to work like that. So i asked Steve Simpson about how did he do this illustrations, and he answered me as everything is by hand firstly, he draw with his hands, transfer it to computer and later work on photoshop. Amazing isnt it? Let me show you some works of him.

even little details... 

you can find more on his website. He also designed children book as well :). Maybe one day.... :) 

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