2 Kasım 2012 Cuma

The Science of Dogs

If you know me a little, you know that how i am in love with animals, especially have a great love affair with dogs. When i was little, i always wanted to be a caricaturist, i was drawing sketches, making stories in my mind about funny stuff, making serials. One of the things that i was drawing at this period was explaining things in a funny way. For example it was a high school girl and i was making little notes all of its places to explain what is she doing or why is she dressed up like that, you can think about it like Umut Sarıkaya's drawings.

So i am in love with all the weird explanation of 'something', like the one i am going to post. I want to share with you a funny one i found of internet 'the science of dogs' its really true and i love the way how it is explained.

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