26 Aralık 2012 Çarşamba

Age of Technology

About a month ago, we had a discussion about when and how inspiration come and how can we let it stay with us. Our instructor was talking about one of the lecturers idea about this opinion and  i absolutely agree: the inspiration and creativity is exactly dissapering with the iphones, mini cell phones, this phone that phone and every technologic thing that we have. Of course technology is a wonderful thing and when it is in 'good' hands we have some great opportunity to do great stuff. Actually after this weeks discussion Elif Hoca's friend came to our class and share with us her past job and we saw how technology can change people life, not only for disabled people but maybe for us when we get old.

The artwork that i love on behance is exactly on this subject, some drawings, which i found very related with what i am talking and thinking right now and want to share with you. These are the drawings by CF Payne. Hope we all think what the artist want to tell us about :).

So shut down your cellphones and start to think about next weeks' assignment :)

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