26 Ekim 2012 Cuma

exercise for your right brain !

Hello all;

So as i said before im in İskenderun now, but i wanted to make this holiday homework while i have time before the celebration ;).

I have changed lots of ideas for my imaginary company, making up ideas. But i think thats the point, not just thinking about 4 limited photos, but as a whole. I decided to select and one of my 4 list. So here is my four images one by one:

I found them very unrelated, but thats the deal.

So the service is going to be about a bit weird. If you want to see a person/home/place but you dont want people to know about that, here is your chance! We encourage you to go places even your ex boyfriends house without them even notice! But here is the deal, if you want to go there you have to transfrom yourself something belongs to that place, you can be an elevator (which is a little bit risky in the example 1 please choose much unnoticed objects if you dont want to scare neighborhood :P) or you can turn to a reflection on the wall if you wonder are they going to notice or not ;). ITS ALL UP TO YOU !  If you want to take your animal with you we are offering you to a change them as a chair so they wont even noticed and stay with you all the time while you are on your trip. Just lay down on our most comfortable sofa and you are going to be dressed up our metallic dress so you can turned out as whatever you would like to be in that second, in that place.

As a logo i thought about some different stuffs, here is some of my sketches:

Here is the last version of my sketches: In my first sketches i was obsessed with the lines since it was the key of the tripping for my consumers, than i thought about how would it be to add thinking baloons just like in the comics. I tried to combine in some of my sketches but it did not work. Lastly i was focused on brain made up by that lines. Its just a paper for showing the steps of idea making and i like the outcome of that activity, it forced me to think.So the problem is maybe to 'look' for more in my last week.

This was a fun activty for a holiday homework, i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

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