8 Ekim 2012 Pazartesi

It is all about logos

Hello again,
This week i am going to post about logos, by the way thanks four your interest on my blog, i see lots of visitors come and go around ;).

So today i signed up on behance (even though i was very insisting on not opening one until my graduation), and start to look up. I can not believe ive spent too many times while im surfing, great website for searching and looking for new stuff and whats designers up to. Anyway, i decided to post logos that i find interesting and  creative.
Why did i choose logo? It is because what we are going to do from this week is creating a logo for an imaginary company and the best way to do this is that look up and search for others.

I found this very simple and beautiful. I think it has got its own characteristic. By the way, like we are going to do, they did magazine of the brand too.

                                                              bold can be very subtle.

While im searching i found this, bobo. Bobo is a website for help you to organize your health and fitness system. Their logo is very simple, but the repetitive of it and how it sticks the logo in your mind makes me love it.
the website has basicly 4 colours but in their bussines card they use orange and white and it looks very simple and beautiful.

I found a logo of clothing brand called iron fist, but i do not like it. I think it is not simply esplaying what it is.

I found a newsletter for everything; food, drink, style, tech, action, culture, travel health etc. And i love their theme. Not only letters but also pictures can be effective sometimes.

This one's website can be my favourite. Look at the symbols they made for topics!

                                        They used to symbol for the other side of bussines card.

                                                         And for shirt it goes to simpliest.

                                                        isnt that their website look 'clean'?

I found Revenue Aley, a company selling software sollutions to companies who do advertisement and media stuff. Their logo is very clean, also i love the way that they design usbs and cds. Very  simple and impressive.

pocektmags colurs are very beautiful and matching. It is colorful but not exaggurated.
                                              Their bussines card have only black and white.

                                                                     Their magazine.

I found Renhand, moscow engineering group, and their logo includes a symbol and they use this symbol in their products too.

                                   I dont like the zippers. They could match with another colours.

                                                                Too predictable.

Flod is also something new on the area, a networking system about sharing up important things like twitter, but its audience is employees, themes etc.

              I found their logo very simple and beautiful also their iphone app. page is simple and clean.

                                          So thats it for this week, or maybe not, who knows?

                                                                  Keep in touch!

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