26 Eylül 2012 Çarşamba

I just came to say 'hello'.

Hello everyone.
Since im a big fan of keeping blogs, after Doruk told us to do so I am very happy to announce you to that this is going to be my new blog for the course VA 301.

As far as i understood, we are going to share up the 'things' we like and we dont like, and we are going to comment and explain why we like it hate it or share it. Its all about make us to search for new things.

So this week i dont know where to begin, so let's start this blog with.... CHILDREN! Children are my favourite 'stuff' in the world, i am in CIP (civil involvement projects) for four years and i have been going to schools for doing projects with children. For 2 years, i am doing photography projects with children about a subject (environment, health etc...) and we took photos about that concerns. Last year it was about environment, and we havent decided what it is going to be for this year. But the thing is that when you work with children, you can not believe their power of imagination, and doing a project who have an incredible power of imagination is a joy for me .

So this weeks subject is about children and the things that they love most - drawing!-
So Dave Devries, the artist and creator of 'Monster Engine' came up with the question of  'what woul i do if i could turn back to time and go to my childhood?' The Monster Engine is a book came up with the idea of the drawings of childrens idea painted realisticly. He is an illustrator and he works for so many comics and universal studios, but thats his first time of doing something like that, he saw his nephew's drawings at the beach and came with that idea. Isnt it cute? He firstly do this as a gift for nephew at christmas and then decide to turn this as book.

This is called 'The Big Mouth'. It reminds me 'medeniyet dediğin tek dişi kalmış canavar'.

Its is called 'Boy'. Pretty innocent name for its look, huh?

I found this one very interesting. It looks like the good man has lots of story to tell !

Old Scratch and the Fish. Do you think that the monster is fighting with its fish?

This ninja was forced to use his arms as knitting once in a while and now turned to be a ninja monster ! 

This is my favourite. Turning a baseball into a verrrry scary monster is a great job, i mean look at his eyes.

Theres a lots of works to talk about, but if you want to look up for more you can check from here.

While i am searching and founding this i found series called  'creative truth' by Shirley- Ann Dick and one of them belongs to my post:

So thats it for this week, but if you want to check my personal blog you can visit from here.

See you ! 

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